Saturday, July 07, 2007


Goodness, I'm growing to love Saturdays. Today was probably the best yet. Today had almost all my favourite things in it: a picnic, a ramble, Graham, friends, yarn, colour (lots of colour), cake...

Shortly before midday, Graham and I caught a bus to Chesterton, then strolled down to the river Cam. We picnicked on a bench near the Penny Ferry Inn then set out along the riverside path to Waterbeach. The first stretch of the walk is busy; lots of walkers/joggers/cyclists on the path and several rowing eights being coached on the river. But once past Baits Bite Lock (how I love that name) the path is narrower and both river and riverside traffic tend to be lighter. From this point on we had some amazing wildlife sightings: shrews in search of insects, Great Crested Grebe, Herons, dragonflies... Bliss. We left the river near Waterbeach station and then headed off to the village green where (following a swift drink in a pub) we parted company: Graham headed home, whilst I went to a wonderful dyeing workshop in Liz 's kitchen.

This was the best fun I've had in ages. Along with other KTog members, I got to dab bright colours onto a skein of bluefaced leicesterr sock yarn and to sample one of the best cakes I've ever eaten (special thanks to blogless Carole). I'm told that Anne's gluten-free muffins were great too, but I'm trying to eat less now that I have a lazier lifestyle!

It was so exciting when our yarns emerged from the clingfilm cocoons in which we'd steamed them. There were rainbows (both muted and vivd), peacock colours, sophisticated blends of blue, purple and grey and one laceweight, in particular, was just just downright dazzling (step forward Jayne).
As if all this hadn't been enough, Liz then directed us along to a local potter who had her studio open. I fell in love with an oakleaf bowl and spoon, and with some of her plates. But, alas, I had a train to catch!

Now I'm eagerly waiting for my skein of yarn to dry and looking forward to a few days at work, followed by a K Tog on Tuesday night, a day on an intermediate crochet course at our local John Lewis store on Wednesday and then, I hope, visits to more open studios next weekend.

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