Sunday, November 12, 2006

Spending the night with Edgar

With both Graham and Laura away at parties in far flung places last night I have to confess to
*hitting the gin and tonic
*eating a ready meal from Sainsburys
*scoffing almost an entire packet of chocolate biscuits
*succumbing to the allure ofEdgar with Charles crooning romantically in the background!

BLISS (and just as well, too, as my day off today has just vanished with staff phoning in sick.) Hey ho, Edgar and I are now off to take the bus together!


Bagpuss said...

Last night sounded like bliss for you, shame life came back to earth with a big jolt and you had to go into work on your day off.

Wye Sue said...

Sounds like a good night, pity about the staff... Hope Edgar likes the bus ride ;-)

E-J said...

When Trenet died, one French newspaper ran the immortal headline "Son coeur a fait Boom!" (His heart went "Boom")! x