Thursday, November 16, 2006

First Santa Sighting of 2006

EEk! Dashing to the bus stations last night I was accosted by Father Xmas, outside Boots where he was handing out promotional material (how the mighty fall!). My ears were assailed by the sound of a jazz band across the road in Marks & Spencer. Yes, the Xmas late-night shopping season was being launched but there seemd to ba a decided dearth of late-night shoppers.

And if you see a madwoman bouncing around Cambridge on a space hopper tomorrow that'll be me (or one of my team...I'm rather good at delegation, tee hee) advertising extra special bargains on all our lines, even the space hoppers!

But for true eccentricity, take a look at this extraordinary pattern, which I found whilst bloghopping (as opposed to spacehopping) this evening!


Wye Sue said...

Will there be photos, please ????

Bagpuss said...

Oh great its started. I was in the Grafton Centre last week and some shop playing xmas carols, so Ihad that stuck in my head the whole bus journey home. In my humbug opinion all xmas paraphenalia should be banned until dec 1st.

Rosie said...

Xmas carols already? That is too cruel. Still, better Xmas carols than White Xmas/Slade/Here Comes Suzie Snowflake. (And if you've nver heard Suzie F consider yourself lucky!)

Decided it was too wet to take the space hopper out (boo!) but did several circuits round the shop before opening up this morning...then realised that there were people out in the street watching me!

As for pix, I promise some pictures as soon as I've found my camera cable. (Won't be pix of me on the spacehooper, though)

E-J said...

You sell space hoppers? Gosh ... A
am I really that old!

"Thanksgiving Turkey Hat". Say it quickly and it almost sounds unremarkable!