Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Rosie in Wonderland!

Can it really be March already?  Did you remember to say "rabbits" this morning?  (I forgot, the shortness of February always throws me).  I love March, it is when I start to feel bouncy again, after the winter lull.  March supposedly bring Mad March Hares, but I've already had a good hare sighting this year, a couple of weeks ago: three hares playing tag in a field by the main road on the way to Ely.  Last March I spied a couple of hares boxing there, something I'd not seen for years.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling a bit as if I've fallen down a rabbit hole, though it was actually a case of travelling to Farnham Maltings, (with Sparkleduck and her husband).  The Maltings is more rabbit warren than rabbit hole, as you can see from the shot below.
into the warren

I realised that I was approaching Wonderland, though, as we walked from the carpark and Sparkleduck spotted knitted arrows pointing to Unravel.  A few paces further on and we saw knitted moles bursting out of knitted molehills, swiftly followed by genuine sheep, grazing under an awning...  Once inside, the wonders increased.  Pillars clad in knitting:
 Knitted toilet roll covers (but of course) in the ladies, a motorbike covered in knitting, a knitted wedding dress, knitted food in the cafe:
 knitted lampshades:
 and there were fabulous talks, woolly demonstrations, and the most tempting marketplace, thronged with eager knitters.


Heather said...

It was a great show wasn't it! I love the way The Maltings really got into the spirit of things and decorated everything with knitting. One of these days I shall get the hang of the building, but the rabbit-warren-ness is part of the fun :-)

Sorry to have missed you this time, hope to catch up with you soon.

Daisy said...

It does look great! I meant to go, then life got a bit mad. Maybe next year?!

Anonymous said...

3 months later: Looks like you really have fallen down a rabbit hole, or something.