Wednesday, March 03, 2010

conefall, churchyard wall

Just a few pictures from a walk Mr CK and I took on Sunday. We'd planned to walk round the wood behind the church but it had turned into a quagmire, so we went round the churchyard instead, which was good as I'd been meaning to take pics of the rather unusual cones for ages.

When Mr CK was on the PCC (Parochial Church Council) many hours were spent discussing the wall, it is a veritable patchwork in stone, brick, mortar and even has different shapes along the top. The colours (red brick, grey brick, neutral stone, greyish flints and stunningly acid green lichen are wonderful. Just think of the many different pairs of hands that must have worked on the wall over the years...


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Daisy said...

Oh crikey, I think I'm about to end up on a PCC, am I going to have to spend hours discussing walls?! That looks like a very nice interesting wall, but I don't think we have any like that. There was a rumour going round about keeping sheep in the churchyard (I could cope with discussions about that, especially the wool potential!).