Thursday, December 03, 2009


We've been treated to our very own personal power cut. (Well, we also shared it with next door). We came home on Tuesday evening to discover that the power had been off for about 2 hours. A kindly neighbour took us in and gave us tea, then Mr CK and I enjoyed a suprisingly relaxing evening watching the fire and listening to the clock ticking. At about 11pm our peace was rudely shattered by workmen with pneumatic drills removing half of our neighbour's drive. We got our power back sometime in the small hours of the night, but the giant hole is still there, so we suspect more work (and further power cuts) to follow. The neighbour tells us that last time something similar happened there were problems for months afterwards. We're getting a supply of candles in!


Mary deB said...

Nice to know you haven't fallen into the big hole, at least! My aunt had power out for days and days after a big ice storm, and was glad she'd saved her fondue pot for 30 years... Very useful if one hasn't got a gas stove!

Heather said...

Hope they sort it out soon. Good luck with the candles!

Our phone line hasn't been the same since the people doing next doors driveway dug through it, it is still crackly in wet weather, although mostly fine.