Thursday, June 11, 2009

outings 2, photos nil

Is anyone else old enough to remember when the football results used to come in via the noisy old teleprinter?
Anyway, here's my life summed up in a few results...

week commencing Sat 1 June 2009: outings 2, photos nil
week commencing Sat 8 June 2009: social events cancelled 4, germs too many to count
(I'm currently deaf in one ear, and can neither taste nor smell things but at least I've not had to take Tamiflu, unlike Daisy!)

Last weeks outings were huge fun and I'm so cross with myself for forgetting the camera not once, but twice. I went to Ely (again) and Mr CK and I were taken on a grand tour of Hackney Downs and Bethnal Green (his daughter lives there) which included Prick Your Finger, the Museum of Childhood and Victoria Park.

The display of crocheted lizards (and a frog) at PYF is amazing (sadly I missed the hunk erecting the sign... but the blog makes intersting viewing) and we all had huge fun at the museum. I particularly like the Quentin Blake and Roald Dahl exhibition they have on the moment. Birthday girl (aged 29) took full advantage of the boxes of dressing up clothes!

I shall draw a veil over this week...

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ambermoggie said...

sorry to hear about your germs:( Sounds like the previous week was much better though even cameraless:)
BTW word was sockho