Monday, November 24, 2008

How (not) to Shop for the Festive Season

Today must be my least successful round of present buying ever. I headed off into town with vague ideas about what to get for whom. I walked through town rejecting each and every idea. And I failed to find any alternatives...

Back to the drawing board!


SusieH said...

I feel your pain! Hardest gift this year - a swap present for the in-law family. I need a female gift, around 50 dollars total, although I'll happily spend pounds. The problem is that the 4 ladies who would be potential recipients are all COMPLETELY different from one another. Sigh.

picperfic said...

Hmm...that all sounds familiar and then Barry phoned as the book people were at his place of work. He did well!

I just wanted to share my word verification with you 'rediploo'...what a fab word!