Thursday, September 25, 2008

caught knitting caught knitting shock... (and mr caught knitting caught napping)

I know that I tend to crochet (or, indeed, spin) far more than I knit these days but I wasn't prepared for the shocked expressions as I was caught knitting at Tuesday's KTog. In fact more than one person said "I've never seen you knit before". I have, in fact, cast on 2 cardigans in the last 12 months, but neither has got vey far. My foxtail got abandoned as I hated the way the hem was rolling and I really don't know why I abandoned the little silk garden number I was making (yes I do, I decided that it wouldn't be remotely flattering). So a certain Mr Caught Knitting has been casting aspersions about my ability to finish my current project: a tank top (I can't get used to calling them slipovers) in Noro sock yarn.

We shall see. In the meantime, here is a picture of Mr Caught Knitting slumbering on a friend's smallholding last friday afternoon.


monkee maker said...

Great post title, Rosie, and a great shot of Mr CK!

I've never been good at knitting whole garments, and always give up and start something else before they're finished. Good luck with finishing your tank top.

I love the elephant pictures further down too, there's something similar going on in Bath but with pigs.


Wye Sue said...

You cruel lady ;-)

I challenge you to finish the tank top in the time I do a jumper and cardi (both were cast on a few days ago, and are not very long at the moment!)

Pigs in Bath !!! I feel a trip coming on :-)

Probably Jane said...

They'll always be tank tops to me too!

Mr CK has found a very comfortable position from which to cast aspersions.

Karen said...


Daisy said...

Nope, they're definitely tanktops!