Monday, February 18, 2008

could this be the dawn of a new trend?

Well, after last night's confession to you about the joys of travelling on the bus with my towel rail, can you imagine my shock (and mirth) when I spotted this on the luggage rack of the C6 Cambridge-Oakington bus this evening:

Yes, that is indeed a clothes airer on top of a laundry basket. (Honest. Sorry about the picture quality but I wasn't brave enough to snap this as I walked past it, and had to use the zoom lens from the back of the bus. )

And the camera simply had to come out again when I got off the bus. Same view as last night, but about 20 minutes later. What a sky!
And I think you can just about make out the rolling mist in this one.
When I got home I spotted the first fallen bird egg of the year...spring is coming. And here's more proof, the frist of this year's grape hyacinths, captured in our front garden this morning.


Anonymous said...

It's clear to me that everyone in your neck of the woods travels with laundry equipment in tow ... spotted any travelling washing machines yet ? :0)

That beautiful sky is appearing all over as we have it too (and we're nowhere near Cambridgeshire but that's all the clues you're getting !)

Having great fun planning your package :0)


jayne said...

What a beautiful sunset - the fog didn't lift all day in Ely, so no pretty sky in the fens!

I had a few crocuses in flower at the end of last week, but the heavy frosts over the past couple of days has finished them off!

Can't wait to see what else you spy on the bus!