Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bury St Edmunds knitting picnic (more details)

I'm getting *very* excited about this! It is open to anyone who'd like to come along and knit (suspect I'm going to be taking some crochet, actually) and is taking place at the Abbey Gardens from noon-2pm on Sat 9 June. The place to be is "just inside the main gate, to the right", but I imagine all you need do is listen out for the laughter (if KTogs are anything to go by...).

I'm going to go even if it is pouring with rain, in which case maybe we could meet at the appointed place and then find pubs/cafes to invade.

Meantime, I enjoyed the first day in my new job but am going to have to unlearn lots of procedures. Today was a day off, though. I quickly got the hang of that! I'd been promising myself a trip to Ely since I last went 2 years ago. It is littered with benches in picturesque settings, so there was a great deal of sitting and reading (current reading material "How to Be Free" by the editor of the Idler), a long spell in Ely Cathedral (my favourite part is the newest, the passageway to the Lady Chapel), and rather more retail therapy than is wise on a part-timer's budget. In the cathedral giftshop I found a marvellous little volume on geometry in churches, just crying out to be used in conjunction with Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer's work over at Woolly Thoughts (sorry, no links this evening as 'phone line is in a very bad mood, and internet connection lasts only seconds). In Toppings Bookshop (which has, incidentally, a better poetry and lit crit section than any shop in Cambridge) I finally found a copy of a weighty tome on Shops and shopping in Engalnd (an architectural study by an employee of English Heritage, that I've been looking out for for some 3 years). And the Ely City Cycle Centre (which does quadruple duty as a purveyor of toys, models and craft equipment, as well as bikes) had some rather tempting hemp yarn (for crochet and macrame) in yummy colours at £1.10 for 71m... All this on a day when a book that I'd totally forgotten that I'd pre-ordered (Nicky Epstein's latest: the lamely titled Knit Never Felt Better) arrived. It has some great ideas but I feel that it has too many illustrations and-- what a con-- many pictures of items using felted knitting have captions saying "Vogue pattern XZZZX". Still, I can see I'm going to have lots of fun with the Shibori section. Husband was heard to mutter, "at last, a use for Rosie's marble collection". Hmm, I get the feeling that he's tired of dusting it (I do keep it in a jar, rather than having them arranged on a tray).


Lyndsey-Jane said...

I really want top come along on sat but am REALLY short of cash so was wondering if u had any idea on the price of bus fare? If its not too much I can prob persuade boyf to lend me! My last exam is on Thur so could really do with sat ot relax and start enjoying the summer. If I go I will get the same time bus as you! I am in a bakeing mood so if i do come will prob bring some of my choc fridge cake to share around.

insaknitty said...

Weather forecast looks good for Saturday - sunny intervals & 25°C. Pleased to hear your first day went well and that you enjoyed your day in Ely.


Anonymous said...

It was a totally goregous day in all respects for the WWKIP event at Bury St Edmunds.
It was so nice to see so many people at the event.
Just reading of your wonderful visit to Ely Rosie, reminds me to ask you of the name of the knitting mag. you had and what issue is it. I looked at the mag. on the bus to Bury the one with all the goregous yarns etc. made from such things as bamboo.