Wednesday, May 02, 2007

a hitherto unexpected talent

we interrrupt details of caught knitting's South African oddysey to bring you rather astonishing news...I appear to have found a sport at which I ain't half bad, the first time this has happened since I won form 2G's 220 yards heats in 1974...

had to go to an area meeting today and it concluded with tenpin bowling. am still feeling lousy, so almost said "no", but have always had a secret hankering to try. Got a strike on my third go, followed by either a 9 or a strike on all except one subsequent go (a miserable 8, followed by 1, so it still added up to 9). I was only bowling at about 5-6mph but just got the knack of bowling straight down the middle!

OK; I'm going to stick my trumpet back in its box now and snatch an early night!


insaknitty said...

Maybe we should have a k2tog with a bowl2tog for one of the Cambridge sessions? - as long as I can be on your team!

picperfic said...

I cannot bowl..I don't do sport! Oh and what makes you think I have your email address?? picperfic at gmail dot com