Friday, February 02, 2007

the joys of missing the bus...

Yay! Back again after some sort of blip in Tiscali's service. Have been itching to blog since Wednesday morning, when I missed the 7.40am bus (this is unheard of for me, but my sleep had been mightily disturbed by unearthly noises!). Even though (oh, the horror) my watch read 7.38 as I flew the house, I *convinced* myself I'd make it. (After all, the thing is rarely on time).

The stop was suspciously devoid of people when I got there, so I decided to read. But, as I pulled my novel from my bag, I was aware of swift movement in the field opposite. Two animals, long, low-down in the grass, rusty pelts, dark tips to their tails; chasing each other round and round and round. Yes, the night-time catawaulers: a pair of foxes a-courting. One soon loped off, but the other remained, obscured by a stand of tall grass (hope it wasn't dining on the resident barn owl!). When I got on the 8 o'clock bus I saw friends I'd not seem for ages (bonus!) and they soon spotted the fox, too.

NB. Eagle-eyed readers will note that there has been sweet FA in the way of knitting/crochet content of late. This, alas, reflects a dose of RSI caused by peeling price stickers off and the wretched post-viral Blahs. Boo!


Mary deB said...

sweet FA, that's an expression we don't hear enough of...

Anonymous said...

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