Tuesday, September 26, 2006


finally made it to a Cambridge KTog this evening (have had to miss the last 2 or 3), took my camera with me and forgot to take pictures. Grrr. I blame the stupid cold/virus I have at the moment! Two new members along this evening (Morfydd, at work on Larry the Lamb, Heather making a cardigan for her daughter, due in January) as well as Jackie working on a very strokable mohair cardigan, Carole working on a cross stitch picture, Claire knitting scarves for the local night shelter and Liz at work on a Gryffindor scarf for a friend's 8th birthday. I finished off a short row scarf in Silk Garden for Graham, but he's decided that he might prefer one of the triangular scarves that I made in whitby. We'll take a closer look in daylight and see what matches his jacket both. He's not getting both!


Anne said...

Sorry I didn't make it this evening - I got home from work shattered and with a migraine waiting in the wings - I seem to have fended it off with Migard, but still felt happier snuggled up at home.

E-J said...

Really hope my thank-you mail reached you! M has really been spoilt with handknit gifts from friends and family - she's a lucky little pickle.

I am determined to make one of the October KTogs - but it'll have to be a Saturday. If you're working then and not able to make it (as I seem to recall might be the case) perhaps I can drop into the shop and say hi? x