Wednesday, March 21, 2007

still here!

Sorry about silence on the blog front of late... am back on dial-up (so please excuse lack of links and pix) whilst trying to sort out some broadband "issues". Moreover I've been battling killer toothache and neck problems.

But I've been enjoying lots of good things, too: a favourite colour secret pal swap, SkipNorth (the infamous "knitting and shopping" retreat in Yorkshire) and several bottles of Old Rosie Scrumpy (courtesy of WyeSue my scrumpy enabler!)

The favourtie colour swap was huge fun. I was being spoiled by Holly in Auburn, who sent me the most gorgeous blue heron "railtrack" yarn in dark reds with highlights of grey/blue/purple plus patterns and --best of all-- a brooch knitted in mohair with tiny miniature knitting needles. But I was spoling someone far closer to home: Marianne lives in Cambridgeshire and I had a wonderful time finding treats for her. Better still, as well as a beautiful thank you card, she dropped in to see me on Saturday. What a fabulous surprise.

And as for SkipNorth...Woohoo. It was wonderful.. I set off with a very strict yarn budget and came home with 57p change fro, it. But most esciting of all, I now have a wonderful array of colourful crochet hooks which I discovered at Lee MIll (near Holmfirth) HQ of the Knitting & Crochet guild. Am itching to use these (and my lovely new yarns) but have realised that I need to knit up some sample garments for the patchwork knitting course I'm teaching for Crafty Events (in marlow, second w/end of May). So glad that I've only promised baby/child size ones.

Ouch! This is clearly enough typing for tonight. Hope to have Broadband re-established soon and will then be able to show pix of colourswap goodies, SkipNorth haul etc.